Fader in the new episode of Alana: Surfer Girl!

Another track from The Soft Module, Fader, is featured in the new episode of Alana: Surfer Girl!

The Soft Module teaser: Troubled Dreams

A teaser from the upcoming album!

Troubled Dreams featured in Alana, Surfer Girl

Troubled Dreams instrumental featured in the latest episode of Alana, Surfer Girl!

butterfly Music Video

James Coulter – Executive Producer

Nadine Crocker – Her
Joel Schaller – Him

Mark Jackson – Director, VFX
Chrys Coulter – Writer, Producer
Scott Clay – Director of Photography
Julie Antepli – Editor
Robin Frederick – Wardrobe, Hair and Makeup
Bobby Blend – Sound Engineer

Photos of the mini-studio

A few photos of the mini-studio… tight as a drum!

Music Video – Production Stills

The first batch of production stills from the butterfly video shoot!